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Adobe Audition CC

Course Outlines

This online Adobe Audition CC training is delivered by highly qualified instructors based here in the north east of the UK. All course materials will be sent to attendees 2 days prior to the course.

Our Adobe Audition courses aren’t shown on our regular calendar – so, if you’d like to attend one, get in touch and let us know what dates you’d like. We’ll take care of the rest.

Audition Intro - 2 day - £265

  • The Audition screen
  • Recording a test sample
  • Converting mono / stereo
  • Importing media
  • The Favourites panel
  • Editing media
  • Looping playback
  • Using ‘waveform’ view
  • Using ‘multitrack’ view
  • Using the ‘spectral’ view
  • Adding to a recording
  • ‘Punch and roll’ recording
  • Good microphones
  • Capturing a ‘noise print’
  • Removing sibilance
  • Removing echo
  • The ‘notch’ filter
  • Volume vs. Gain
  • Matching volume levels across clips
  • ‘Normalising’ volume
  • Speech volume leveller
  • Matching ‘loudness’
  • Using the ‘mixer’ view