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Cinema 4D

Course Outlines

All courses are delivered by highly qualified instructors based here in the north east of the UK. Course materials will be sent to attendees 2 days prior to the course.

One of the most sophisticated 3D animation programmes on the planet. Build absolutely anything you want, add incredible custom materials and lighting to your scenes, add multiple cameras, and animate everything.

Cinema 4D Intro - 2 days - £265

  • Getting around the interface – what does what?
  • The tools, panels and views
  • Workspaces
  • Parametric (or ‘primitive’) shapes
  • Deformers
  • Splines
  • Making objects ‘editable’
  • Polygons, lines and points
  • The Material Manager
  • Adding materials and textures
  • Creating text
  • Creating a floor and sky
  • Adding lights
  • Adding shadows
  • Colour, reflection and transparency
  • Mapping onto objects
  • Using the timeline
  • Understanding keyframes
  • Animating objects
  • Animating cameras
  • Animating lights
  • Animating along paths
  • Render settings
  • Rendering a view
  • Rendering for print
  • Rendering for video
  • Rendering alpha channels
  • The Render Queue
  • Different file formats
The intro course also covers integration with other applications, including Adobe After Effects. This course is ideal for:
  • Newcomers to Cinema 4D and motion graphics.
  • Those with limited Cinema 4D experience.

Cinema 4D Advanced - 2 days - £265

  • Keyframes in detail
  • Creating a bouncing ball
  • F-Curve controls
  • Keyframe splines
  • Understanding particles
  • Creative uses of particles
  • Working with emitters
  • Using forces
  • Creating rigid bodies
  • Creating soft bodies
  • Creating cloth
  • Connectors and forces
  • Hinges, motors and springs
  • Creating complex animations with dynamics
  • Lighting schemes
  • Improving render quality
  • Creating advanced realism
  • Reducing render times