InDesign CC Advanced Tips and Tricks

Cutting Up Text

For example: you have a block of text that runs across several different colours in the background, and you want to slice up the text (including slicing up individual letters) so that you can colour each part of it just the way you want.

Optical Margin Alignment

A quick and easy way to make a multi-line heading alignment just that little bit better.

Putting Images into Text

If you have a bold heading and want to wake it up a bit, why not place an image inside it? Doing this can be a great addition to your layout’s design. It’s easy and amazingly effective.

Using The Page Tool

How to overcome ‘page shuffle’ to create fold-outs in books, and how to use the Pages tool to adjust individual page sizes within the same document.

Track Changes

A very useful editorial technique allowing you to see additions or deletions in the text in a document, and approve the changes – or not.

Type on a Path

Type can be added to any drawn path in InDesign. You can even flow type from one path to another.